Child Care Rates

Dear Parents,

Providing the care you expect for your children is our priority at Bright & Beautiful Child Care Center.  Keeping that day care affordable is also important.  However, the cost of providing that quality day care has risen in almost every aspect, yet we have not increased our rates since March of 2008.  In order to continue providing the day care we provide ourselves in, and keep up with operating costs, it is necessary to increase the child care rates.  This will become effective with the first week of charges for 2014.  (Charges for week 12/30-13 – 1/3/14)

The new rates are listed below.  Full time rates are for up to 45 hours per week.  Hours over 45 per week will be billed at the hourly rate.


Bright & Beautiful Christian Child Care Center Board of Directors

Day Care Rates:

  • 10% off tuition for church members
  • Hot Lunch Program offered throughout school year.  Taher Incorporated (used also by Union Grove High School) caters our lunches.  Cost of lunch is $2.10 daily
  • There is a ten hour per week, per child, minimum charge.
  • Full time hours over 45 per week are billed at the hourly rate

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