Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our staff is composed of skilled and caring individuals.  The center focuses on the child as a whole.  We believe that a child learns best by doing; the child is considered an active participant in his or her own development.  Children are unique and we encourage development in their individual personality through structured activities and play.  Playing is encouraged as children learn the rules of society, develop-test-revise their own theories about the world around them and problem solve.

Each child is also a member of God’s family and we strive to allow for spiritual growth for each child.  Our approach is a problem solving one and early concepts (social and academic) are provided to your child at various teaching centers within the classroom.  The centers are child-orientated (and differentiated for your individual child’s needs) as much as possible.  In this we guarantee that each child is stimulated at his or her own learning level.  We use predominately manipulative materials so that children are “hands on” in the thinking and learning process.

Through partnerships of the  parents, teachers and children, we are committed to reach the following objectives.

Early literacy and early math skills to provide the foundation for a love of lifelong learning

  • A positive self-image
  • Habits of creative and independent thinking
  • Attitudes of social cooperation and moral responsibility
  • Knowledge of appreciation of persons, things, and events in the environment
  • Encourage cultural diversity through the use of games, stories, art and music
  • Tracking children’s outcomes

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